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Applying for a Ph.D.? These 10 tips can help you succeed

Few things mark the return of the academic year like shorter days, falling leaves, and inquiries about applying for graduate school. For those nursing ambitions of pursuing a Ph.D., the prospect of navigating the labyrinthine guidelines posted on university websites can be daunting. The fact that many programs receive hundreds of carefully crafted applications for just a handful of positions in their Ph.D. programs can make a stressful process downright terrifying.

No single article can cover every element of applying to grad school. Requirements vary among programs, schools, and countries, and there isn’t one “right way” to present yourself—even within the same program, faculty members can disagree about what constitutes a strong application.

Yet the process of applying for and getting into graduate school is far from a mystery. The key is knowing what to do to prepare and how to compile and submit a strong application. We hope these 10 tips will help you get started.

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