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A Simple App For A Happier Life


There are more social apps out there these days drawing inspiration from social science researches – and maybe rightly so. For example, Path personal network is inspired by the Dunbar’s number, which is the maximum and optimum number of friends a person can sustain stable inter-personal relationship with, at any point in time. Lift app is based on the theory of operant conditioning, where positive reinforcement such as praises from others and a sense of achievement can lead habit formation. The Happier app, which was launched in February this year, is created based on the principle of happiness.

Using the positive-activity model, Sonja Lyubomirsky and Kristin Layous[2] suggest that positive activities like sharing gratitude and perform kind acts can increase positive emotions, positive thoughts, positive behaviors, and need satisfaction, which ultimately lead to greater happiness (see below). As the model shows, the path to happiness is paved with many dependencies and determinants. This makes the current iteration of the Happier app seems simplistically inadequate, but it’s alright. I think it is that limitation that makes the app wonderfully useful and blend nicely into my daily life.

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