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From: Business Insider

A recent experiment at Google suggests there’s a simple way to stop mindless snacking at work

Business Insider:

They looked like any other Googlers, tapping away on their laptops while sitting in a common area in the Google New York office.

But in reality, they were spies.

Scientists had sent them there on a single reconnaissance mission: Observe the snack choices people made while walking through the nearby “micro-kitchen,” or the break room.

The micro-kitchen was designed so that one beverage station was located about six feet from a snack bar containing M&Ms, nuts, and other treats. The other beverage station was located about 18 feet away.

Googlers who visited the beverage station closer to the snacks were a whopping 69% more likely to snag a snack than those who used the beverage station farther away. The findings, cited by the Association for Psychological Science, will be published in the August issue of the journal Appetite.

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