Teaching Playlist – Learning Styles

The Myths That Persist About How We Learn
Science Friday
September 2017

The Scientific Status of Learning Styles Theories
Daniel T. Willingham, Elizabeth M. Hughes, and David G. Dobolyi
Teaching of Psychology, July 2015

Are ‘Learning Styles’ a Symptom of Education’s Ills?
The New York Times, February 2015

Cognitive Style as Environmentally Sensitive Individual Differences in Cognition: A Modern Synthesis and Applications in Education, Business, and Management
Maria Kozhevnikov, Carol Evans, and Stephen M. Kosslyn
Psychological Science in the Public Interest, May 2014

The Social Implications of Preschool Education and Learning Styles
Robert Pianta and Hal Pashler
Psychological Science in the Public Interest (PSPI) Symposium
APS 22nd Annual Convention, May 2010

Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence
Harold Pashler, Mark McDaniel, Doug Rohrer, and Robert Bjork
Psychological Science in the Public Interest, December 2009