Teaching Psychological Science

One of APS’s founding principles is a dedication to supporting the innovative teaching of psychological science and the desire to provide educators with the tools they need to succeed.

High School Teachers – Access Current Directions in Psychological Science free of charge. The journal is a valuable tool both for its concise reviews of trends and as a classroom resource for teachers and students. Learn More

APS Classroom Use Policy – There is no reprint, copyright fee, or permission required for the use of any APS article for any teaching, classroom, or educational activity, provided that no resale occurs.

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Students participating in the NW Noggin Program learn about the scientific method, neurons and networks, and the brain. (2013)

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Members of Iran’s only class on the psychology of women share data with Western researchers. (2006)

Through a generous endowment from the David & Carol Myers Foundation, the APS Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science supports a number of initiatives, including Small Grants to support projects on the teaching of psychology and the APS-David Myers Distinguished Lecture on the Science and Craft of Teaching Psychology.

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Poster Session at the 3rd Vancouver International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology. (2012)

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