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Grants, Awards, and Symposia

APS recognizes that students are the psychological scientists of tomorrow and that’s why we offer a host of member-only research award and grant opportunities. Travel assistance is also available to help student members attend and present research at APS Conventions. For more details and eligibility requirements, please refer to the links below.

Student Grant Competition

In an effort to support student research in psychology, the APS Student Caucus provides a funding source for APS student members to conduct research that currently is in its initial development.

2018 Student Grant Competition Winners

Marsha Ershadi,
Boston College

Myranda B. Gormley,
Johns Hopkins University

Meredith Hoyland,
Baylor University

Parisa R. Kaliush,
University of Utah

Stephanie LM Lung,
McGill University

Kevin van Schie,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Alena Skalon,
Swinburne University of Technology

Robert D. Vlsides-Henry,
University of Utah

Student Research Award

The Student Research Award promotes and acknowledges outstanding research conducted by student members of APS.

2018 Student Research Award Recipients

Fang Hong,
Boston University

Alice Kathmandu,
Stanford University

Minseo Kim,
Central Michigan University

Maria E. St. Pierre,
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

RISE Research Award

The RISE Research Award acknowledges outstanding psychological science research related to under-represented populations or conducted by students from diverse backgrounds.

2018 RISE Research Award Recipients

Alesha Bond,
Georgia State University

Andrew Paladino,
University of Memphis

Alyssa Palmer,
University of Minnesota

Jiyoung Park,
Yonsei University

Psi Chi | APS Albert Bandura Graduate Research Award

The Psi Chi | APS Albert Bandura Graduate Research Award honors Albert Bandura with a competition for the best research by a graduate student in empirical psychology.

Travel Assistance

The Travel Assistance is intended to assist students attending the APS Annual Convention by defraying the cost of travel.

APSSC Online Funding Database

The APSSC Online Funding Database provides APS Student Affiliates with information about grants and fellowships available to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students in psychological science.