The Scott O. Lilienfeld APS Travel Award

To recognize graduate student achievement in clinical psychological science research or theory. 

This award seeks to honor and extend Scott O. Lilienfeld’s influence on the next generation of clinical scientists by recognizing student poster-presenters at the APS Annual Convention. The award provides $1,500 to be used for travel and hotel expenses. APS will waive convention registration for the award recipients. If the convention is held only virtually, in a given year, the award will be $1,000.00.

The award will be administered through the APS convention poster submissions platform.

Read about the 2024 Scott O. Lilienfeld APS Travel Award winners and their research here.

About Scott O. Lilienfeld

Scott O. Lilienfeld was a transformative leader in the field of clinical science. A recipient of the APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow award, he made seminal contributions in a wide range of areas, including defining the field of clinical psychological science; distinguishing science from pseudoscience; cognitive biases and critical thinking; memory, personality, and personality disorders; dissociative disorders; projective testing and its problems; cultural sensitivity and issues such as microaggressions; forensic psychology and neuroscience, among others. His work was known for its clarity, astute critical frame, fairness, and intellectual courage. Lilienfeld grappled with many challenging topics, and he served the field well by contributing important insights, clarifications, and arguments.

Award Committee

The individuals below represent the inaugural Lilienfeld award committee. They will develop criteria/guidance for judging applicants and for other committee processes. 

Sally Satel, Chair
American Enterprise Institute

William O’Donohue
University of Nevada, Reno

Richard J. McNally
Harvard University

Steven Jay Lynn
Binghamton University (SUNY)

Ashley Watts
University of Missouri


2023 Scott O. Lilienfeld APS Travel Award Recipients

Shauna Bowes,
Emory University

René Freichel,
University of Amsterdam

Jonah Koetke,
University of Pittsburgh