James McKeen Cattell Fund

2017-2018 Cattell Sabbatical Awardees

Melissa Glenn, Paula Niedanthal, Kiran Soma, and Koraly Perez-Edgar have been awarded this year’s James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowships. These awards provide an extended sabbatical period that allows the recipient to pursue new research.

For over half a century, the James McKeen Cattell Fund has provided support for the science and the application of psychology. The Fund offers a program of supplementary sabbatical awards (”James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowships”) up to $40,000. These awards supplement the regular sabbatical allowance provided by the recipients’ home institutions, to allow an extension of leave-time from one to two semesters.

The deadline for applications for the 2018-2019 awards is January 15, 2018.
Applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted via the on-line portal.

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