2020 APS Mentor Award

Toni C. Antonucci

University of Michigan

Toni Antonucci is a premier scientist working at the nexus of life-span developmental psychology and survey research. She has been at the forefront of large-scale, longitudinal research on how relationships and health change across the life-span. To meet the challenges inherent in such complex investigations, Antonucci has brought together colleagues from psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, medicine, public health, gerontology, sociology, and social work.

Antonucci’s visionary interdisciplinary work gives her mentees access to a wealth of perspectives—and potential collaborators. She is known for using the many resources at her disposal—especially through her leadership in interdisciplinary professional organizations—to help mentees develop critical skills and connections. Former students say she models intellectual openness and helps them develop critical methodological, publishing, leadership, and communication skills. At conferences, she introduces her students to senior researchers and shows young colleagues the benefits of getting involved in professional societies. Even after students have left her lab, Antonucci frequently contacts them to share promising professional opportunities suited to their interests. Former mentees remember her lab as a welcoming environment where scholarly and personal milestones alike were celebrated with enthusiasm—and where everyone’s contributions were recognized. A strong advocate of diversity and inclusion, Antonucci seeks out mentees from many backgrounds. She has fostered relationships with graduate students from around the world, focusing her attention particularly on advanced training opportunities in developing countries.

Antonucci is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She is a past president of several societies dedicated to the study of life-span development.