Spring 2009 Volume 2, Issue 2

Eye on the Future

Studying Psychology in Singapore

By Becky Wong

Although a relatively new field to the Asian region, psychology is a popular major in Singapore, particularly among social science undergraduates. Contrary to common misconception, studying psychology in Singapore is not a "soft" option; it involves rigorous grounding in fundamental theories and methods in the field, particularly in the first two years.

Professional Development

Preparing, Applying, and Gaining Admission Into Grad School

Melissa Demir

A How-To-Guide For Managing A Hectic Schedule

Molly Benson

Faculty SuperStar

Gary L. Wells, Ph.D., Iowa State University

Molly Petersen

Gary L. Wells is Professor of Psychology as Iowa State University and holds the title of Distinguished Professor. Wells is also Director of Social Science for the American Judicature Society’s Institute of Forensic Science and Public Policy. He is an internationally recognized scholar in scientific psychology and his studies of eyewitness memory are widely known and cited.

Research Focus

Stacey Wetmore

There is a common misconception that bigger is always better. This idea, however, may not be the best advice when choosing a college. Of course the big schools get most of the attention with well-funded sports programs and research hospitals, but there are many pros and cons for both.

Area Focus

Research on Eyewitness Testimony

By Joe Vitriol and Jason Mandelbaum

Observer Student Notebook

In Search of Funding

Laura M. Morett

May/June 2009

The Dos and Don’ts of Beginning a Thesis

Sarah Hovind

April 2009

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