APSSC Undergraduate Update

The APSSC undergraduate update is a biannual, online publication intended for undergraduate student affiliates. Please direct any questions or comments to the APSSC Undergraduate Advocate.


Topics for the Undergraduate Update

  1. Test taking strategies for the GRE
  2. Effective strategies for applying to graduate school
  3. Different programs in psychology: i.e. MA, MS, PhD programs
  4. Differences between a PhD and PsyD
  5. Writing personal statements
  6. How to get into a research lab
  7. Your undergraduate experiences such as getting into a research lab, applying to graduate school, finding the right graduate program that fits your interest, preparing for GREs
  8. Discussions on any topic related to psychology that would be of interest to Undergraduate students

Please keep all submissions under 1000 words and written in APA Fifth or Sixth Edition. Abstracts are not necessary, but references should be included only when necessary, and usually between 5-10 sources. When applicable, include a suggested reading for further discussion. Please include a 2-3 sentence author note/bio along with your submissions. Lastly, make sure that you share your own perspectives in your writing. Your advice and suggestions are what students want to read about.

Please direct all submissions to the APSSC Undergraduate Advocate.