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Pitfalls and Opportunities in Nonverbal and Verbal Lie Detection

Full Text PDF (Available to the Public) Full Text HTML (Members Only) Aldert Vrij, Par Anders Granhag, and Stephen Porter Unlike Pinocchio, most of the time people do not give telltale signs that they are being dishonest. In lieu of a growing nose, is there a way to distinguish people More

Intelligence and Personality as Predictors of Illness and Death: How Researchers in Differential Psychology and Chronic Disease Epidemiology Are Collaborating to Understand and Address Health Inequalities

Full Text HTML (Available to the Public) Ian J. Deary, Alexander Weiss, and G. David Batty Do smarter people live longer and better? Are certain personality types more prone to premature death than other types? As our population continues to age in dramatic numbers, these questions become increasingly relevant. A new More