Psychological Science in the Public Interest

Bilingual Minds

Full Text HTML (Available to the Public) Ellen Bialystok, Fergus I.M. Craik, David W. Green, and Tamar H. Gollan Speaking two languages can be handy when traveling abroad, applying for jobs, or working with international colleagues. But research has revealed that bilingualism influences the way we think and process information. In More

The Effects of Preschool Education: What We Know, How Public Policy Is or Is Not Aligned With the Evidence Base, and What We Need to Know

Full Text HTML (Available to the Public) Robert C. Pianta, W. Steven Barnett, Margaret Burchinal, and Kathy R. Thornburg Two children, both age 3, enroll in publicly funded preschool. But they may have vastly different experiences. Publicly supported preschool programs (e.g., child care centers, Head Start, and state-funded pre-kindergarten) incorporate such More

Pitfalls and Opportunities in Nonverbal and Verbal Lie Detection

Full Text HTML (Available to the Public) Aldert Vrij, Par Anders Granhag, and Stephen Porter Unlike Pinocchio, most of the time people do not give telltale signs that they are being dishonest. In lieu of a growing nose, is there a way to distinguish people who are telling the truth from More

Psychology, Financial Decision Making, and Financial Crises

Full Text HTML (Available to the Public) Tommy Garling, Erich Kirchler, Alan Lewis, and Fred van Raaij How could the current financial crisis have happened? While fingers have been pointing to greedy banks, subprime-loan officers, and sloppy credit card practices, these are not the only contributors to the economic downturn. A More