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Volume 17, Issue9September, 2004
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Volume 17, Issue9September, 2004

Mickey Mantle’s Greatest Error

JANICE HASTRUP Team: University at Buffalo Field: Psychology APS Stat: Charter Member Interests: Behavioral medicine; Genetic risk factors; methodological issues… More

Observer Forum

Tulving Ends Controversy The following is a letter from Convention Keynote Speaker Endel Tulving to Immediate Past President Roddy Roediger… More

Life After the Ivory Tower

Don Kausler has become a successful author and columnist since leaving the ivory tower. He published The Graying of America… More

Dating the Data

In current empirical psychological articles it is uncommon for the data collection to be dated. A typical experimental method section… More


Influential Researcher Holzman Dies at 82 On June 1, 2004 Philip S. Holzman died at the age of 82. Holzman… More

Those Who Can, Teach

The goal is not to get everyone to go to graduate school. It’s rewarding to actually change people’s lives &#8211… More