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Volume 20, Issue9October, 2007
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Volume 20, Issue9October, 2007

Rising Stars

In case there was any doubt, the future of psychological science is in good hands. Here we present exemplars of… More

When We’re 64

Even the most discerning reader of the heavens would not have foreseen any conjunction in our natal stars. Rochel grew… More

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom; it’s something we do throughout our lives. Researchers know a fair amount… More

A View From Australia

I  have loved psychology and fiercely defended its scientific nature ever since I was a 17-year-old undergraduate at the University… More

APS Charter Member Memories

The Observer recently invited our charter members to share their memories of APS. What was happening at the founding of… More

The Science of Cramming

I went to a very nerdy college. This school was so nerdy that the “mascot” was an engineer, and at… More

Baby Talk Is Universal

A  major function of speech is the communication of intentions. In everyday conversation between adults, intentions are conveyed through multiple… More