John Cacioppo

John Cacioppo Columns

Presidential Columns featured in the Observer magazine by past APS President John Cacioppo

  • John Cacioppo, Who Studied Effects of Loneliness, Is Dead at 66

    She was a brain researcher and an authority on the scientific basis of love. He, too, was a neuroscientist, but with an expertise in loneliness. She was in her mid-30s, he in his late 50s. Both were wedded to careers in separate hemispheres — until they happened to be seated More

  • A Letter to Young Scientists

    Psychological science in the 21st century promises to be quite different from that of the preceding century. During the 20th century, we saw a specialization, differentiation, and development of various approaches, methods, and levels of analysis, producing distinct fields — bounded areas whose borders were defended as the turf within More

  • Opportunities for Psychological Scientists at the National Institute on Aging

    In prior columns, I have discussed the centrality of psychological science as a hub discipline, the rise in collaborative and interdisciplinary science, and the important role psychological scientists have to play in these developments. Large scale science is expensive, however, and these encouraging developments are being constrained by the stagnation More