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Volume 21, Issue3March, 2008
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Volume 21, Issue3March, 2008

Why Things Cost $19.95

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most enduring bits of comedy is the auction scene in the espionage thriller North by Northwest… More

APS Member Wins Troland Award

APS Member Isabel Gauthier, Vanderbilt University, has been awarded the 2008 Troland Research Award from the National Academy of Sciences… More

Excessive Resistance?

Like many of my colleagues, I was surprised to learn that Jerry Burger received IRB approval to partially replicate Stanley… More

On the Newsstand

Happiness: Enough Already Newsweek February 2, 2008 “‘[O]nce a moderate level of happiness is achieved, further increases can sometimes be… More

Exploring the MIND

With its cavernous interior and concrete floors, San Francisco’s Exploratorium looks more like an airplane hangar than a museum. In… More

New Office Space for APS

For the majority of our history, APS has occupied the 11th Floor of 1010 Vermont Ave, NW, in downtown Washington… More

Psychology in Iran

It was not the career trajectory I planned.  I never imagined I would fly to Iran for a conference in… More