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Volume 20, Issue1January, 2007
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Volume 20, Issue1January, 2007

Framing Science

In 1998, a national $206 billion lawsuit settled against four tobacco companies, the Master Settlement Agreement, provided the funding to… More

Strange Brew

In side-by-side taste tests, pub-goers agree: “MIT Brew” tastes better than Budweiser — as long as tasters don’t learn beforehand… More

Where Are You?

“What are you thinking?” It’s a simple enough question on the surface, and not an uncommon one, especially for intimate… More

Forgotten Community Colleges?

To the Editor: Buskist’s & Irons’ review of employment advertisements in the APS Observer and APA Monitor (Observer, September 2006)… More

Learning to Fear

Like most people, Elizabeth Phelps is afraid of sharks, and rightly so — some species like the Great White (Carcharodon… More

On Taking Attendance

Dr. Bob: I can’t believe it! I am so frustrated lecturing to a half-empty room. What’s wrong with students today… More