Morton Ann Gernsbacher

Morton Ann Gernsbacher Columns

Presidential Columns featured in the Observer magazine by past APS President Morton Ann Gernsbacher

  • The Value of Undergraduate Training in Psychological Science

    It’s that time of the year, the season when students who have toiled through four (or five) years of higher education commence upon the world. Over the next few weeks, across hundreds of commencement exercises, we who wear the hoods will come face-to-face with those who wear the caps and More

  • The True Meaning of Research Participation

    I’ve been doing a happy dance lately, ever since learning that a manuscript I contributed to was recently accepted for publication in Psychological Science. In fact, I’m just about as excited as I was 25 years ago when I received my first editorial acceptance. Only this time, I didn’t receive More

  • Neural Diversity

    Everyone knows the best way to load cutlery into a dishwasher, right? The tines, bowls, and blades (of the forks, spoons, and knives) should be pointed downward into the cutlery basket so that the handles point up. It’s safer that way, and besides, what are the handles for if not More

  • Presidential Column: On Not Being Human

    Around the time I took office as president of the Association for Psychological Science, Wray Herbert, Public Affairs Director of APS, began e-publishing his now syndicated blog, “We’re Only Human.” Although I won’t pretend to be privy to the inner workings of Wray’s mind, I’m guessing that Wray chose his More

  • Presidential Column: The Eye of the Beholder

    I’m at the 15th percentile in height for U.S. females — a ranking I’ve held since birth. When I was growing up, there were certain occupations (e.g., flight attendant and firefighter) for which my height rendered me ineligible, and to this day I’m unable to reach the top shelf of More

  • Opting Out

    APS President Morton Ann Gernsbacher, University of Wisconsin-Madison I have a 10-year-old son, who knows other 10-year-old kids, so over the years my family has bought its share of beef sticks from the Boy Scouts, wrapping paper from the Madison Youth Choir, light bulbs from the Sun Rise Ridge Soccer More