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Volume 21, Issue11December, 2008
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Volume 21, Issue11December, 2008

The Terman-ator

For centuries, medicine has approached illness in the same way, essentially trying to discover the magic bullet that kills the More

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In the early 1990s, APS Executive Director Alan Kraut sat down with the congressional Appropriations Committee to discuss the National More

Research Without Borders

Much of my research program has focused on precursors of language cognition in neonates and very young infants. In the More

Beyond the t-test and F-test

For many psychology researchers and students, finding an appropriate statistical tool for analyzing data can be challenging. Moreover, dealing with More

Woman sitting alone in the middle of a crowd

Isolating the Costs of Loneliness

Research shows that feeling lonely can affect both physical and mental health and it also reveals some strategies for combating these negative effects. More


Those Were the Days: Counteracting Loneliness with Nostalgia With the days getting shorter (and colder) and the holidays quickly approaching More

Predictable Peckers

The entertaining article, “The Many Lives of Superstition” (Observer, October 2008), promotes an erroneous interpretation of superstitious behavior by attributing More

The Toothbrush Problem

In these columns, I have been discussing our “urban legends” — the often unspoken but widely shared understandings and misunderstandings More