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Volume 20, Issue11December, 2007
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Volume 20, Issue11December, 2007

The Structure of Psychology

In my first three Presidential Columns, I discussed the evidence that psychology has become a hub scientific discipline, that the… More

Is Fraud Really Gone?

The article “Highs and Lows on the Fraud Frontier” by Daniel S. Greenberg (Observer Vol. 20, No. 9) poses the… More

Rhythms of Research

With the December issue of Psychological Science, James Cutting ends his editorial stewardship of APS’s flagship journal. Cutting’s tenure was… More

A Family Affair

2006 marked our 50th wedding anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Carmi’s work life as a psychologist. Upon our return… More

The IAT: How and When It Works

“Left…right…left…right” could be heard echoing from the Hilton Washington’s Military Room during the APS 19th Annual Convention.  And while the… More

Replicating Milgram

Last month, we featured IRB best practices (“IRBs: Navigating the Maze” November 2007 Observer), and got the ball rolling with… More

NIH Examines Peer Review

Peer review at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is getting an in-depth look, with the official goal of “optimizing… More