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Volume 22, Issue4April, 2009
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Volume 22, Issue4April, 2009

Memories of Robert B. Zajonc

Robert Zajonc was a consummate scientist, scholar and social science researcher. His was a remarkable life, a life led during… More

On the Newsstand

Posh People Fidget More The Daily Mail February 4, 2009 “Posh people fidget more, a study found, making it possible… More


Coming of Age on the Internet In the mid-90s, it seemed that teens were sacrificing real relationships for superficial cyber-relationships… More

Stigma, His and Hers

The mentally ill don’t get a fair shake in this country. Many employers don’t want to hire them, and health… More

Cutting IQ Down to Size?

Richard Nisbett engages in wishful thinking (“All Brains are the Same Color,” Observer, February, 2009). We published an editorial about… More

Rising Stars

In case there was any doubt, the future of psychological science is in good hands. We present another installment of… More