ICPS Call for Submissions FAQs

What is the Call for Submissions?
When will the Call for Submissions open and close?
Can I submit my proposal or submission via email or regular mail?
Is APS membership required to submit to ICPS?
When will I hear back about the decision regarding my submission?
If my submission is accepted, when will I receive scheduling information?
How will my co-authors be notified of the decision about our submission and find out other information about the Convention?
If my submission is accepted, do I need to register for ICPS?
Can I present my poster or symposium remotely?
Is there a limit to how many presentations I can submit?
Who reviews the submissions?
Does APS provide financial support for presenters?
What are the Subject Areas for ICPS?
What if my presentation does not fit into the defined subject areas or keyword areas?
If I am a speaker in a symposium, can I also be the chair?
Is there a limit to how many co-authors I can include in my submission?
The order in which the authors are listed is very important. How do I make sure the order will be correct in the program?
What is the difference between an Abstract and a Supporting Summary?
Why don’t the symbols or formatting of my abstract or summary appear correctly?
Where can I submit my bibliography/reference list?
I just finalized my submission, and I realized that there is an error in it. How can I make the necessary corrections?
What audiovisual equipment will be available to me for my presentation?
How much time do I have for my presentation?

For more detailed information about the ICPS Call for Submissions, please see the Symposium Rules and Guidelines and Poster Rules and Guidelines.