The Upside of a Long Commute? Time to Think

In a field experiment, individuals asked to plan their workdays during their morning commute reported higher levels of job satisfaction and lower levels of emotional exhaustion. More>


You’re Joking: Detecting Sarcasm in Emails Isn’t Easy

Although people are often quite confident that the use of sarcasm in their texts and emails is clear to others, studies show that accurately reading sarcasm is no easy feat.


Exploring How Women’s Reproductive Health and Mental Health Intersect

A special series in Clinical Psychological Science takes a multilevel, integrative, lifespan view of women’s mental health in the context of reproductive development.


Yours or Mine? How We Handle Objects Depends on Who Owns Them

From car keys to cell phones, we often pass objects in a way that's useful for the person on the receiving end -- unless we're handing over our own belongings.


People Prefer Hiring “Naturals” Over Hardworking “Strivers”

Even when candidates were equally qualified, people judged individuals with “natural” talent as more hirable and successful than hardworking “strivers.”


Draft of Observer Column Sparks Strong Social Media Response

The Observer found itself in an unusual position when a draft column submitted for publication in the magazine’s November issue generated a strong response on Twitter and Facebook.