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How Do Whites Perceive Biracial People?

In case you missed it, the cameras were rolling at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC. Watch Sabrica Barnett from The City University of New York present her poster research on “Not Fully Black, but Not Fully White: Whites’ Perceptions of Black-White Biracials.”

Barnett and her coauthor Daryl A. Wout won an APSSC Award for this research, in which they compared Whites’ ratings of perceived similarity, competence, and warmth for Blacks, Whites, and Black/White biracials. Their findings were consistent with previous research on this topic: Whites tend to perceive Black/White biracials as more similar, competent, and warm than Blacks; however, they perceive Black/White biracials as less similar, competent, and warm than Whites. These findings have important implications for how biracial people are treated and valued in society.

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What a shocker… lol. Thanks for posting, this is an interesting study.

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