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Eye Spy: Study Reveals We Seek New Targets During Visual Search, But Not During Other Visual Behaviors

When we look at a scene in front of us, we need to focus on the important items and be able to ignore distracting elements. Studies have suggested that inhibition […]... More>

The Psychology of Déjà vu

All of us have experienced being in a new place and feeling certain that we have been there before. This mysterious feeling, commonly known as déjà vu, occurs when we […]... More>

How Carrots Help Us See the Color Orange

 How carrots help us see the color orange One of the easiest ways to identify an object is by its color—perhaps it is because children’s books encourage us to pair […]... More>

Total, Genetically-Based Recall: Psychologists Explore Possibility of Sex Differences in Memory, Findings Favor Females

There are several human characteristics considered to be genetically predetermined and evolutionarily innate, such as immune system strength, physical adaptations and even sex differences. These qualities drive the nature versus […]... More>

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Straat Science

I returned to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in September 2004, about 14 years after a first, much briefer stay there. Visa requirements involved a fairly rigorous background check. I had […]... More>