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Psychological Memory Science and Legal Reforms

The prevalence of wrongful convictions because of faulty eyewitness testimony is becoming clear thanks to some high-profile cases involving exoneration by DNA. ... More>

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Closing the Science-Practice Gap

The Association for Psychological Science is an organization of which I am proud to be a member, in no small measure because it has played a vital role in narrowing the science-practice gap — the sharp divide between the research literature concerning clinical interventions and its application to clients. ... More>

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Twenty Years Later, Gibson’s Advice Is Still Good

Eleanor J. “Jackie” Gibson used her keynote address at the 1993 APS Convention as a call to arms against dualism, reductionism, and a losing dichotomy between nature and nurture. Much of her advice still rings true. ... More>

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Our Silver and Golden Age

As APS hits its Silver Anniversary, is psychological science in a “Golden Age”? Daniel Cervone mines for answers, and finds some contemporary scientific advances that would surprise psychological scientists of a quarter-century ago. ... More>