APSSC Online Funding Database

The APSSC Online Funding Database is a collection of potential funding sources for students in psychology. There are over 130 sources in the database, and it includes funding opportunities in diverse locations such as Australia, Canada, the European Union, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The information included in the database has been gathered from a variety of sources by volunteers in many different fields of psychology and in different countries. Every attempt has been made to ensure its accuracy and to include as many funding opportunities as possible. However, if you find any errors or are aware of additional sources of student funding not currently in the database, please send an email to apssc.cmo@psychologicalscience.org.


The APSSC Online Funding Database was created to provide student affiliates with information about grants and fellowships available to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students in psychology. APS is steadily increasing its international membership base, and the database was created to be a resource for students around the world. The database will eventually be an interactive resource that can be searched through the use of keywords in specific fields. The fields included in the current version of the database are: country in which funding is offered, funding source, name of grant/fellowship, type of student that can apply (undergraduate, pre-doctoral, post-doctoral), research area, amount of funding offered, duration, other benefits, eligibility requirements, submission deadline, website to directly access the funding opportunity, and description of funding opportunity.


“A graduate student colleague of mine and I are conducting research that examines an aspect of own-race bias. However, we attend state schools in Wyoming and Iowa, respectively, and our participant pools through the university both include fewer than 3% non-whites. We applied for and received $750 from Psi Chi’s Graduate Research Grant opportunity and $400 from the American Psychology-Law Society’s Grants in Aid program. We have been using this $1150 to buy some needed software and allow us to pay participants who are not eligible to receive course credit for their participation in this study. Without this funding, our research would not be possible at our universities.” – Lisa E. Hasel, Iowa State University

“While challenging, applying for the National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award was an invaluable learning experience and an important step in my development as an independent clinical researcher. The opportunity to develop and write a grant with mentorship and support during each step provided a level of applied learning about the grant writing process, which can seem overwhelming to first time applicants. I feel the experience is one that will benefit me well in to the future.” – Christina Theodore-Oklota, Suffolk University

*Email your testimonial about the way in which funding has assisted you to apssc.cmo@psychologicalscience.org, and you just might find it posted on this webpage!