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What bilingual babies reveal about the brain

Children as Young as 19 Months Understand Different Dialects

We are surrounded by a multitude of different accents every day. Even when a speaker of another English dialect pronounces words differently than we do, we are typically able to […]... More>

Baby Talk: The Roots of the Early Vocabulary in Infants’ Learning From Speech

Although babies typically start talking around 12 months of age, their brains actually begin processing certain aspects of language much earlier, so that by the time they start talking, babies […]... More>

Oh, How Wonderful! A Study on the Cognition of Verbal Irony

Irony is commonplace in everyday conversation. When you get stuck in traffic and say to yourself, “Perfect!” we know that’s not what you really mean. But how exactly are we […]... More>

Baby Talk is Universal

A major function of speech is the communication of intentions. In everyday conversation between adults, intentions are conveyed through multiple channels, including the syntax and semantics of the language, but […]... More>