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The Social Powers of Primates

In his Bring the Family Address, biologist and primatologist Frans B. M. de Waal discussed an overlap among the politics, culture, and morality of humans and other primates. ... More>

How to Get People to Pitch In

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Intertwined Sciences

Integrative research approaches to a broad range of issues — from the psychological impact of poverty to genetic influences on behavior — served as the theme of the first International Convention of Psychological Science, held March 12–14 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In this issue of the Observer, APS shares highlights of the momentous gathering. ... More>

Second International Conference on Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience in Israel and the World

The Second International Conference on Loss, Bereavement and ​Human ​Resilience​ in Israel and the World will be held in Eilat, Israel,  January​ 11–14​, 2016. The conference theme is “Facts, Insights and […]... More>

Jennifer Richeson Named Guggenheim Fellow

APS Fellow Jennifer Richeson has been selected as a 2015 Guggenheim fellow in recognition of her innovative research examining psychological phenomena related to cultural diversity. ... More>