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Yes, Your Toddler Really Is Smarter Than A 5-Year-Old

The Unintended Consequences of Company Wellness Penalties

People Prefer ‘Carrots’ to ‘Sticks’ When It Comes to Healthcare Incentives

New research suggests that the way in which company health incentives are framed — as benefits for healthy-weight people or penalties for overweight people — makes a big difference. ... More>

What Is Logical Isn’t Always True

Edward J. N. Stupple and colleagues propose a model in Journal of Cognitive Psychology to explain a logic conundrum. ... More>

Some people’s climate beliefs shift with weather


Social scientists are struggling with a perplexing earth-science question: as the power of evidence showing manmade global warming is rising, why do opinion polls suggest public belief in the findings is wavering? Part of the answer may be that some people are too easily swayed by the easiest, most irrational piece of evidence at hand: their own estimation of the day's temperature.... More>