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Neuropsychological Correlates of Emotion Regulation in Women With HIV: An ERP Study

2012 Student Research Award Winners Roger C. McIntosh presented his research at the APS 24th Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois, USA. ... More>

More HIV Testing for Teens?

Psychological scientist Anthony Lemieux explains why it’s a good idea for teens to get tested for HIV.... More>

HIV testing urged for teens

Am I Safe Here?: How People With HIV/AIDS Perceive Hidden Prejudices in Their Communities

People in marginalized groups, such as the disabled or racial minorities, feel stigmatized—condemned, feared, or excluded—when other people stigmatize them. That’s obvious. But they can also feel stigma when nobody blatantly discriminates against them or says a negative word.... More>

Education More Important Than Knowledge in Stopping Spread of HIV in Africa

African family

Simply teaching people the facts about how to protect themselves from HIV may not be enough to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa, a new study suggests. Researchers found that villagers in Ghana who had higher levels of cognitive and decision-making abilities – not just the most knowledge -- were the ones who were most likely to take steps to protect themselves from HIV infection.... More>