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A Rightful Place for Science. But Where Is It?

“We’ll restore science to its rightful place…” President Barack Obama, Inaugural Address. Where is that place? The President didn’t say, which is fair enough, given that inaugural addresses mainly consist […]... More>

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Stimulus Package Provides Bonanza for NIH

Dread of disease and hope for cures have long been the political propellants for generous support of the National Institutes of Health. The old trio has now been joined by […]... More>


Making the Most of Stimulus Funding Available for Behavioral Research

As discussed in the column by Dan Greenberg, science fared well in the stimulus bill Congress passed – the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. We are very thankful […]... More>

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The National Cancer Institute: A Hub for Psychological and Behavioral Sciences

Psychology and other behavioral sciences have long helped address important social issues. Health — specifically cancer — is no exception. Psychological research elucidates the way in which people make health […]... More>

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Playing God

The annals of academic hubris have recently been enriched by a renowned Harvard psychiatrist, who, upon being asked to identify the next rank above his full professorship, replied: “God.” An […]... More>