Applying for Research Grants

Grantsmanship is an important skill for graduate students aspiring to either an academic or applied research career. Securing your own funding can lead to higher quality research (e.g., better measurement tools, more advanced technology, larger samples), a larger salary, additional grants and job market appeal, and the ability to hire More

Congress Passes ’03 Budget as Bush’s ’04 Arrives

The White House released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2004 in early February. Problem was, Congress hadn’t quite finished the 2003 budget. The situation was ameliorated when Congress approved a 2003 fiscal year omnibus spending bill on Feburary 13, and sent it to the White House for approval. NATIONAL More

A Closer Look at the Trend

Federal support for research and development activities at the nation’s colleges and universities continues to rise for psychology, according to data compiled by the National Science Foundation. Top 15 Total R&D Expenditures in Psychology: FY2000 (in thousands of $) University of Wisconsin Madison $23,237 University of Oklahoma $13,927 Pennsylvania State More