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Border Bias: Mapping Risk and Safety

I once lived within a short walking distance of a state line, and I had a friend who lived right on the avenue that was the dividing line. That meant […]... More>

Barroom genetics: Triggering heavy drinking

Recovering alcoholics are generally counseled to stay away from “people, places and things”—anything, that is, that might be a cue for drinking. Bars are an especially potent trigger for the […]... More>

Fast food, racing thoughts

Fast food is unhealthy. I know, I know. Few of us need convincing of that fact any more. But as unassailable as it is, the brief against fast food has […]... More>

Hyper-binding ain’t for sissies

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: You’re at a cocktail party and the host introduces you to a stranger, whose name is Jeremy. It’s a crowded party, and as you chat with […]... More>

Study Suggests Left-Side Bias in Visual Expertise

Facial recognition is not as automatic as it may seem. Researchers have identified specific areas in the brain devoted solely to picking out faces among other objects we encounter. Two […]... More>