Professional Development: Conference Hints II: Academic Community and How to Make Lasting Connections

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This second professional development seminar in the series will focus on how to make the most of conferences and build relationships in the field. Panelists Dr. Derek Brown from Columbia Business School and Serena Zadoorian from University of California, Riverside, will speak about how they approach conferences and the methods they’ve used to successfully network in their fields.


Head shot of Derek Brown

Derek Brown

Columbia Business School

Derek Brown is an Assistant Professor in the Management Division at Columbia Business School. He investigates why individuals, particularly advantaged group members, misperceive equality and equality-enhancing policies as a zero-sum game.

Head shot of Serena Zadoorian

Serena Zadoorian

University of California, Riverside

Serena Zadoorian is a fifth-year doctoral candidate at UC Riverside, specializing in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience. She received her MA from CSU Los Angeles, and her research interests cover multisensory perception, speech perception, and talker recognition.