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Science for Society

Science for Society is an APS webinar series focused on educating the public and bringing psychological science to decision-makers working to solve real world problems. In addition to psychological scientists, participants include public policy decision-makers, news reporters, advocates, and scholars from adjacent fields.

Science for Society: What Spurs Action on Climate Change?


Borrowing from the title of a recent Oscar-winning film, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres last year declared that “the world needs climate action on all fronts—everything, everywhere, all at once.”  APS Fellow Taciano Milfont pointed

Speakers: Madalina Vlasceanu, Sara Constantino, Taciano Milfont

Science for Society: Projecting a Future with an Aging Population


By 2050, the world population of adults ages 60 and older will double to 2.1 billion, according to the World Health Organization. Accompanying that trend will be a heightened demand for caregivers.  Psychological researchers shared

Speakers: Catherine Riffin, Elsie Yan, Kuan-Hua Chen

Science for Society: Habits and Behavior Change: A Case Study of Digital Technology


Most interventions to change behavior have limited long-term impact. Modifying repetitive behaviors requires understanding how habits form and change. Digital technology illustrates both the challenges of changing unwanted habits, such as stopping the habitual spread

Speakers: Anna Schnauber-Stockmann, Benjamin Gardner, Wendy Wood

Science for Society: Barriers to Access in Mental Health Services


Mental health services can be an integral aspect of maintaining one’s well-being. However, access to mental health services is not universal and systematically varies due to existing stigmas and structural barriers. In this webinar, the

Speakers: Ashley Castro, Giovanni Ramos, Nadika Paranamana

Science for Society: Financial Debt and Mental Well-Being


Finances and financial decision-making play key roles in everyday life. Particularly in capitalist markets with fewer social safety nets, having and using money is critical not only for enjoyment, but for meeting survival needs such

Speakers: Min Zhan, Robert Krueger, Scott Rick

Science for Society: AI Buzz: What’s Not New?


Psychologists come together to discuss the past and current applications of artificial intelligence from a scientific perspective.

Speakers: David Yeager, Dora Demszky, Marjolein Fokkema