Annual Convention 2014

Perceptions of Crisis Situations

This proof-of-concept demonstration applied the Riverside Situational Q-sort (RSQ) to the problem of assessing audience responses to two types of crisis situations (sports and food safety) across three media outlets (social, traditional news, and professional website). The RSQ provided nuanced information about situations comparable to existing instruments for assessing personality. More

National Cancer Institute

The Behavioral Research Program, within the (NCI) National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, initiates, supports, and evaluates a comprehensive program of research ranging from basic behavioral research to the development, testing, and dissemination of interventions in areas such as tobacco use, screening, dietary behavior, and sun More

Women’s Understanding Of Personal Breast Cancer Risk — Does Education Level Matter?

A woman’s understanding of her own breast cancer risk is an important precursor for care. A valid estimate would allow for a greater opportunity to consider early detection modalities and chemopreventive medications. The objective of this study is to compare patients’ perceived breast cancer risk versus their calculated risk and More