Annual Convention 2012

Stereotype Threat, Self-Worth, and God’s Love

People who experience stereotype threat may depend on outside factors such as god’s love for confidence and self-esteem. These findings were presented by Claribel Candelario Martinez at the 24th APS Annual Convention in Chicago. Previous research shows that people exposed to stereotype threat — that is, “situations placing them at More

Borderline Personality Pathology and Sleep Problems in Later Middle-Age

Borderline personality pathology includes symptoms such as intense anger and mood swings, stormy relationships, impulsivity, and stress-related disassociation.  Previous research shows that borderline pathology and sleep problems are associated with each other; they are also associated with depression. Josh Oltmanns, who presented his research at the 24th APS Annual Convention More

History of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Emotion Regulation Problems

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is the deliberate damage of body tissue without a conscious desire to commit suicide. This behavior most frequently functions to regulate negative emotions (Favazza, 1998; Klonsky & Glenn, 2009; Laye-Gindhu, & Schonert-Reichl, 2005; Swanell et al., 2008, Whitlock, Eckenrode, & Silverman, 2006). The purpose of the present More

2012 Convention Video: Schizophrenic Patients and Self-Concept

Hi I’m Fahad Rahman from Teachers College, Columbia University and I presented my research at the APS 24th Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This poster examines the self-reference memory effect (SRM) in schizophrenic patients as it plays an important role in social- and self-cognition. Schizophrenic patients show a lack More

Convention Video: Opting-In Versus Opting-Out in Healthcare (APSSC Award Winner)

Trishna Narula from Emory University and Chethan Ramprasad from Rice University presented their research at the APS 24th Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This was an APSSC Student Research Award-winning poster. Trishna Narula Emory University Chethan Ramprasad Rice University Enrica N. Ruggs Rice University Michelle R. Hebl Rice University More