Unconscious Thought

Sounds true, but you seem like a liar

The Boston Globe: Can you spot a liar? No, but you can sense a liar. That’s the implication of new research from psychologists at the University of California Berkeley. After watching videos of suspects being interrogated about a mock crime, people couldn’t reliably discriminate guilt from innocence when explicitly asked More

Wie man einen Lügner erkennt (How to recognize a liar)

ORF Austria: Haben Sie schon mal einen Profi-Pokerspieler im Moment des Turniergewinns gesehen? Bei uns Normalverbrauchern würde all die Anspannung sichtbar abfallen, und wir würden jubeln angesichts des Batzen Geldes, den man als Sieger einstreift. Doch im Gesicht der Pokerspieler passiert: nichts. Sie sind so darauf trainiert, ihre Emotionen zu More

Truth or lie – trust your instinct, says research

BBC: We are better at identifying liars when we rely on initial responses rather than thinking about it, say psychologists. Generally we are poor at spotting liars – managing only slightly better than flipping a coin. But our success rate rises when we harness the unconscious mind, according to a More

Surprise! The Subconscious Mind Is Super Lie Detector

LiveScience: Human beings are abysmal at detecting lies consciously, but their subconscious mind may have a better nose for deceit, new research suggests. People who are asked to detect people lying about a theft do no better than chance when asked to explicitly sniff out the liars, but are more More

To Spot a Liar, Trust Your Instinct

Science Magazine: Unfortunately, spotting a liar isn’t as easy as checking to see if they have their fingers crossed behind their back. Yet, some scientists are saying we’re better at detecting a lie than we think. A study published this month in Psychological Science finds that our unconscious mind, or More