Teaching Matters

If you teach in college for 40 years, and you teach an introductory psychology class of 250 students each semester, you will have taught 20,000 students in that course over your career. What is the statistical probability that one of the students whom you taught, and perhaps inspired, will develop More

Popular study strategies called ineffective — report

The Washington Post: Researchers who evaluated 10 learning techniques believed to improve student achievement found that five of them — including highlighting or underlining, are not very effective. The report, called “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques,” says that one reason that ineffective study habits form is because there More

Studying for a big exam? Use flash cards, not highlighters

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Students studying for big exams may want to put down their neon highlighters and make some flash cards instead. Some of the most popular study strategies — such as highlighting and rereading — don’t show much promise for improving student learning, according to a new report published in Psychological Science More

What’s the best way to learn? Psychologists tackle studying techniques

CBS News: What’s the best way to study for a test? A new study says taking practice tests and engaging in distributed practice — which means sticking to a schedule of spreading out your studying over time — work the best. Surprisingly, the methods that were least effective when it More