Study Behaviors

Boys do better on tests of technical aptitude (for example, mechanical aptitude tests) than girls. The same is true for adults. A new study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, describes a theory explaining how the difference comes about: the root cause More

ScienceBlogs: Neugier ist lästig (“Lass mal sehen, was du da hast”), Neugier ist störend (“Was schreibst du gerade?”), Neugier ist indiskret (“Weißt Du, warum der M. neuerdings immer so früh nach Hause geht?”) Kein Wunder also, dass “sei nicht so neugierig” zu den häufigeren erzieherischen Ermahnungen gehört. Pandoras Neugier brachte More

International Business Times: Curiosity and diligence are as important as intelligence for a student’s success, according to research released Wednesday. A European trio analyzed 200 existing studies that included 50,000 students and found that curiosity influenced academic performance. Not only that, but throw in contientiousness, and average-intelligence students shone as More