Social Interaction

Smithsonian Magazine: Traditional Buddhists meditate in the pursuit of enlightenment. Non-religious practitioners may try it out in order to find a bit of calm or perhaps to treat anxiety or depression. But whatever their motivation, people who meditate, new research shows, act nicer than those who don’t. Researchers from Harvard University and Northeastern University recruited More

APS Fellow Barbara L. Fredrickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, knows how to communicate psychological science to the public. On March 24, her op-ed on electronic devices, social connectedness, and health quickly became the most emailed article on The New York Times website, and it remained among the More

Boston Magazine: People who practice meditation often do so for individual health benefits like reduced stress and improved mental health. But new research from Northeastern University’s Social Emotions Group says meditation also has an effect on the way we treat the people around us. David DeSteno, a psychology professor at Northeastern More

Le Monde: Supposons que vous cherchiez un emploi, et que vous ayez à choisir entre deux entretiens avec un employeur potentiel. Car, pas de chance, ces rendez-vous sont fixés le même jour, à la même heure, sans modification possible. Les emplois proposés vous plaisent autant l’un que l’autre. Il faut More