Media Indonesia: Para ilmuwan mengklaim, setelah menemukan bahwa orang yang terlalu bahagia mati lebih muda daripada mereka yang lebih pesimistis. Berdasarkan Telegraph, para peneliti menemukan bahwa anak-anak yang dinilai sangat ceria di sekolah akan mati muda daripada teman sekelas mereka yang kebalikannya. Diyakini, itu semua karena anak yang ceria cenderung More

The Telegraph: Researchers found that children who are rated “highly cheerful” at school went onto die younger than their more reserved class mates. This is because they are likely to lead more carefree lives full of danger and unhealthy lifestyle choices, it is believed. They may also be more likely More

The Use of Definite References Signals Declarative Memory: Evidence From Patients With Hippocampal Amnesia Melissa C. Duff, Rupa Gupta, Julie A. Hengst, Daniel Tranel, and Neal J. Cohen Most people will use declarative references to save time and mental resources when they are having a conversation. For example, a person More

The Boston Globe: The proposed plea deal for five defendants charged in connection with harassing 15-year-old Phoebe Prince — a South Hadley girl who committed suicide last year — reminds us of the evils of bullying. Schools across the county have instituted anti-bullying rules, suspending students for abusing their peers More

Humans need to belong. Yet they also commonly leave others out. Animals abandon the weakest to ensure the survival of the fittest. So do kindergartners and ’tweens, softball players and office workers. Common though they are, rejection and exclusion hurt. Endured for a long time, ostracism leaves people feeling depressed More