The Trouble With Talk Therapy

TIME: In a recent Sunday’s New York Times article, a psychotherapist with a freshly hung shingle describes the challenges of earning clients in a market crowded with professionals willing to listen, but with a dwindling number of patients. Her solution? Turning to a “branding consultant” who advises her, among other More

Jumpstarting the Talking Cure

The “talking cure” originally referred to psychoanalysis, the brand of therapy made famous by Sigmund Freud and his followers. Today the phrase describes a very wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches, including psychoanalysis, that begin with clients, well, talking about themselves—their experiences, relationships, thoughts and feelings. Frank disclosure is considered the More

Local psychiatrist, YSU psychology chair collaborate

The Jambar: Local psychiatrist Robert Roerich of Southwoods Counseling in Boardman presented a psychoanalytical diagnostic technique on Saturday at the Association for Psychological Science convention in Chicago. The poster session featured a study conducted by Karen Giorgetti, chairwoman of the psychology department at Youngstown State University. Working alongside Roerich for More

A crack runs across a cement floor

Fragmented Sleep, Fragmented Mind: A New Theory of Sleep Disruption and Dissociation

Scientific research has shed new light on dissociative symptoms and dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder. This condition seems to arise most often when a vulnerable person meets a therapist with a suggestive line of questioning or encounters sensationalized media portrayals of dissociation. Research shows that people More