TIME: Cambridge psychology professor and leading autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen is best known for studying the theory that a key problem in autistic disorders is “mind blindness,” difficulty understanding the thoughts, feelings and intentions of others. He’s also known for positing the “extreme male brain” concept of autism, which suggests More

My name is Angelo Boccia from Temple University and I presented my research at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC. This study explored the relationships among emotional clarity, Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) scores, and Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children (MASC) scores. Results show that emotional clarity significantly predicted More

Fact and Fiction in Cognitive Ability Testing for Admissions and Hiring Decisions Nathan R. Kuncel and Sarah A. Hezlett Standardized tests of cognitive abilities are used to predict performance in educational and work settings. Group differences often occur with standardized cognitive tests, and these differences have been falsely attributed to More