Inc.: It would seem counter intuitive that the habit of attacking projects and to-do lists without a moment’s hesitation is anything but ulta-productive. Yet some researchers think that sometimes doing the opposite of procrastinating–or pre-crastinating–could cost you time and energy, too. Psychologists from Pennsylvania State University recently conducted a series of experiments, which subtly gave More

La Stampa: Ogni nuovo compito o lavoro che ci viene affidato è causa di stress. Quasi tutti ne siamo soggetti, perché sentiamo crescere un’ansia dentro che ci vorrebbe far liberare di questo il prima possibile. E, difatti, in molti reagiscono in questo senso: secondo uno studio, quando viene loro affidato More

Los Angeles Times: New research suggests the Internal Revenue Service should expand the list of acceptable explanations for procrastinators’ yearly extension requests and late tax filings. Two possibilities: “I was born this way” and “failure to evolve.” Procrastination, suggests a new study, is an evolved trait that likely served humans More