New Application Deadline Set for Participating in Replication Project

APS recently issued a call for contributors for the latest Registered Replication Report (RRR), which is focused on Dijksterhuis & van Knippenberg’s 1998 “Professor Priming” study on the effect of priming on intelligence, and the response has been overwhelming. The RRR editors have already received nearly 30 applications to contribute More

New Research From Psychological Science

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: When the Spatial and Ideological Collide: Metaphorical Conflict Shapes Social Perception Tali Kleiman, Chadly Stern, and Yaacov Trope In this study, the researchers examined what happens when physical and abstract aspects of a metaphor are in conflict. Participants categorized pictures of past More

Who’s right? Who’s left?

The Boston Globe: THE LEFT-VERSUS-RIGHT labeling in our political discourse is so ingrained in our minds that our sense of political differences can be undermined by switching sides — literally. In October 2012, researchers asked people to rapidly identify whether a picture was of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. One More

New Research From Clinical Psychological Science

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science: The Effects of Attachment Priming on Depressed and Anxious Mood Katherine B. Carnelley, Lorna J. Otway, and Angela C. Rowe Attachment theory suggests that people internalize the quality of early interactions with their primary caregivers, forming an attachment orientation that influences More