The Boston Globe: IN A SERIES of experiments, people were asked about their impressions of a white man whose personality profile suggested that he was moderately racist or moderately sexist. Obviously, women should expect bias from a sexist individual, while African-Americans and Latinos should expect bias from a racist individual. More

NPR: Humans like to place things in categories and can struggle when things can’t easily be categorized. That also applies to people, a study finds, and the brain’s visual biases may play a role in perceptions of mixed-race people. The study, published in Psychological Science on Monday, asked people to More

Whites living in areas where they are less exposed to people of other races have a harder time categorizing mixed-race individuals than do Whites with greater interracial exposure, a condition that is associated with greater prejudice against mixed-race individuals, a new experimental study shows. The findings are published in Psychological Science More