Physiological Psychology

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Heart Rate Variability Moderates the Association Between Separation-Related Psychological Distress and Blood Pressure Reactivity Over Time Kyle J. Bourassa, Karen Hasselmo, and David A. Sbarra Divorce-related stress has been shown to negatively influence later health outcomes. To examine the mechanisms underlying this More

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Searching for Category-Consistent Features: A Computational Approach to Understanding Visual Category Representation Chen-Ping Yu, Justin T. Maxfield, and Gregory J. Zelinsky Categories provide a fundamental structural framework that guides human cognition. When we encounter a single object, we typically understand that it More

The technology revolution is raising new questions for both the science and the applications of psychology. Can mental health care be delivered remotely over the Internet? Can we use neuroimaging technology to adaptively control our own brain activity? How can technology be used to study people in settings far more More

When people work together well, their physiological responses begin to sync up, according to new research from a team of psychological scientists from Aarhus University. The research showed that team members who had synchronized skin conductance and facial muscle activity tended to perform better together. “People from the same team More